Showcasing Her Talents


Our granddaughter has been dancing for at least ten years now. She’s been the younger of the sisters until this year, and she’s finding her own way now with her older sister off to college. Her talents are shining! It’s a delight to sit in the audience with her sister and to watch her showcase her skills with style and grace. With all her years of experience and her position as one of the members of the Junior Dance Company, she danced quite a few numbers over the course of three shows this afternoon and evening and each one was a delight. So glad to have her as our granddaughter!




  1. Jim Andrews

    What a blessing to be able to see her. I never knew my moms grand parents on my mothers side. And many grandparents lives so far away they are not part of their grand children’s life.

  2. Jim Andrews

    Correction, my mom’s parents not her grandparents

  3. Jackie Mallory

    It’s wonderful to see such grace and beauty in young people like your granddaughters congratulations


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