Hampstead Heath and Beyond

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These last few days we’ve been getting oriented to our home for the month. With lodgings in the village of Hampstead in northwestern London, we have easy access to Hampstead Heath, a glorious 800 acre park that is a series of footpaths through woods and grassy spaces. Largely unmanicured, it is a delight to explore. It’s been a major focus for us these first few days of our visit to London

On Sunday we did a Ramble in Hampstead Heath with Amanda, picked some bramble berries for snacking, marveled at the shapes of some of the trees but also wandered into a section of Hampstead we’d not yet explored so indulge in a Sunday Roast at the Garden Gate Pub and also explore an new spirits emporium to which we promise to return.

And we’ve ventured into the center of London both on The Underground to Embankment and afoot to Baker Street. We’re constantly making new delightful discoveries by choosing a neighborhood to explore then just wandering around. We already know we won’t get to see it all even with a month long stay.

Theres so much to do! And so many tasty things to try. Life’s an Adventure!

8/31/2023: Headed out on a walk with Amanda to Highgate on the far side of the heath. Along the way we stopped to admire some views including some fancy houses on the far side of a pond, down into London from atop Parliament Hill, and some fancy architecture. At Highgate Cemetery we bought tickets to tour the original west cemetery at our own pace. Fans of his since 1978. we were tickled to visit the final resting place of Douglas Adams. One of Highgate’s most famous residents is Karl Marx whose image is prominently displayed atop his monument. We’re intrigued by the grounds management here and in other cemeteries that provides a refuge for wildlife. Since the walk back to Hampstead is mostly uphill, we opted to follow Amanda’s lead and walked to Bisham’s Gardens to catch the 210 Bus to Jack Straw’s Castle just an easy walk north of La Gaffe. Now it’s time to get ready for our celebration!




  1. Barry

    Sounds awesome
    Thanks for your updates . They all so worthy of reading

    • Steve & Karen

      And thanks for commenting. It encourages us to keep posting.

  2. Diane Dempsey

    Looks like you had a great time! Happy you are home safe! Cheers!

    • Steve & Karen

      Good to hear from you! Sounds like you have had some good adventures too.


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