New Opportunities in Medina


Little Fox Cafe and Bakery, great for coffee, croissants, and conversation

When we first posted that we were updating our website we were in Massachusetts. Shortly thereafter we headed west to Medina. With the trailer safely ensconced in our son’s driveway, we settled in for a three week stay in a AirBnB in downtown Medina, Ohio. It’s a snug little place from which we can explore the town, mostly on foot. There’s lots of opportunities to walk, from the recreational trail just south of downtown, to the shoppings centers north on Court Street, to a myriad of eateries. It’s also and opportunity to develop some professional relationships as we establish this locale as our home base even if we don’t as yet have a permanent residence here. This little efficiency apartment just off the Public Square in downtown suits us quite well. We especially love the blazing fast internet! as well as investing a good amount of time at the Apple Store in Fairlawn upgrading some of our digital equipment, we’re spending lots of time working on our website. We invite you go explore it and give us some feedback. Start on the homepage and explore the menus. Click on photos and links and delve into some of the 2700 blog posts we’ve created over the past eighteen years or so. Let us know what you think. We love comments, and truly enjoy having you along for the ride.

October 8, 2023 10 AMppp

Just wanted to say Thank You for bearing with us! We’re in the process with collaborating with a website designer to update our site. We chose a spiffy new template that we think will meet our needs better but the process of installing the software unfortunately sent out six rogue emails from Whee Wander to all our subscribers. Sorry about that, we weren’t hacked. On top of that the site is currently under construction and in the words of Rebecca, our designer, “it’s going to look odd for a while until it doesn’t.” But in the good news category we once again have the ability to add photos to our posts. Hooray! Now we can show you some of the sights we experienced in London and on the way back. Hopefully you’ll like the changes and it will improve the way the site works.




  1. Amanda

    Great quote “it’s going to look odd until it doesn’t.” . Good luck. Excited to see!

    • Steve & Karen

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Debi Ford

    Liking the new site, just signed up to be notified of new posts. Now I know I was missing lots.


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