All Because of an Eclipse

2024, Ohio

When we learned that the OH-PA T@B and Friends group was planning a Total Solar Eclipse Campout at East Harbor State Park, we jumped at it. After our experience in 2017, we were keen to witness solar eclipse totality again and also keen to hang out with the cool folks that comprise this gathering of people who appreciate the teardrop campers crafted by nüCamp RV. We’ve been friends with some of the members of this group since somewhere around 2016 but have only had the opportunity to camp with them one other time back in 2019. We could have joined family gathered near Fort Worth, Texas. We could have stayed home in Medina, Ohio and watched from our front yard.. Both places were in the path of totality. However we chose wisely. We were part of four days of partying, from the campfire on a freezing Friday night, to the long Ohio Goodbyes on Tuesday morning. Of course the absolute highlight was the semicircles of camp chairs facing west in the group campsite G-10 on Monday afternoon. There were plenty of solar eclipse glasses to go around, a few folks had filters for their cameras, and one came with a long focal length pinhole camera he’d made. just for this event. And of course lots of snacks to share, a few special beverages, and cookies decorated to commemorate the event. The camaraderie was wonderful. We truly enjoyed hanging with friends we’ve known a long time, getting better acquainted with others, and establishing new friendships. Hopefully we will have many more opportunities to gather with these friends from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and beyond!




  1. Sherri

    What a great trip!
    love the cake and cookies

  2. Mike Ogden

    We should have gone to the campout. We chose to stay home since we were in the path of totality. That was a mistake. Nothing but clouds and a short darkness here. Oh well. We had three other places we were invited, and they all had a great view. We may need to go to Spain or Iceland in 2026 for the next eclipse. I’m glad you two had a great time.


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