Back at the Illinois Visitor’s Center, the attendant told us that if there was just one thing to see in Illinois it was the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield so that’s where we went. It was wonderful. We stayed until the museum closed then did some errands and after dark we set up our tent and did laundry.




  1. Greg

    Is that William on the left?  Sad.  The kid recruited an army of DC children and invaded cabinet meetings before dying at 11.

  2. david

    my neck of the woods
    this is a great place to visit. i grew up only 30 minutes away, his 1st home in Illinois was just outside of decatur ,  my birthplace .  So glad u enjoyed Ilinois history that I grew up with and lived.

  3. Steve and Karen

    Willie is the one on the right, in front of his Dad.  He died in the White House during Lincoln’s presidency.  On the left is Robert who was attending Harvard when Abe was elected.  He is the only son to live to adulthood.  In front of him is Tad.  All the boys were noted for their lack of reserved behavior!


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