Our proposed route as of now is into Illinois then north into Wisconsin, so a logical next stop is a visit to Springfield, the capitol city in Illinois. We were able to get reservations for a reasonably price back-in site at the Springfield KOA Journey for three nights. Upon arrival our hostess, Linda, recommended that even though we visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum back in 2008, that it was worth a return visit. That’s where we headed this morning, to an amazing state of the art museum fashioned in cooperation with Disney-style theme park designers. Although very little has changed in the museum since our last visit, we noticed different things. We paid a little more attention to Abe’s early life, to Mary Todd Lincoln, and to their sons. Willie was the one who succumbed to typhoid fever during their White House years. Robert, the only one to live to adulthood, was a student first in New Hampshire then at Harvard while Abe was president. All in all we’re glad we returned. It is an amazing museum and does a great job of telling the story of one of the more iconic of the American Presidents. Upon leaving the library we walked about three blocks south on Sixth Street where we enjoyed a delightful sit down lunch at Maldaner’s, established 1884. We recommend it if you want to immerse yourself in a good meal along with some history. From there we made the short drive to Oak Ridge Cemetery where we visited the Lincoln Tomb where Abe, Mary, Eddie, Willie, and Tad are buried. There’s much more to do here in Springfield, not only to learn more about Lincoln, but to explore other aspects of this city and state, but for now we’re pleased with our adventure and are headed back to our campsite and some afternoon relaxation.





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