We started our day at the Big Sky Motel in Wolf Point in northeastern Montana then spent the day traveling due west along US 2, once known as the Theodore Roosevelt International Highway which ran from Portland,Maine to Portland, Oregon. It runs parallel to the train track and we saw many very long freight trains. At lunchtime we stopped in the tiny town of Chinook. The Blaine County Museum was closed but we enjoyed a lunch at the pizza place and some good conversations with with the owner and also with the local jeweler who opened the conversation by telling us he didn’t know us so we must be visitors. By early evening we had made our way to the St Mary KOA just east of Glacier National Park. We spent the hour before sunset inside the park then enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner at a rustic restaurant just outside the park borders then returned to our campsite and set up our tent after dark!



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  1. Dave

    Riley and I would love to see more train pictures on your return.


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