It was another gloriously beautiful day. Our adventures began right away this morning at the St Mary Visitor’s Center when one of the rangers spotted a pair of elk. It’s rutting season and he was definitely in pursuit of her favors! We drove the eastern half of Going to the Sun Highway. The western half is closed for repairs. We hiked to St Mary Falls and on the Virginia Falls. Then we went up to Logan Pass. There we hiked a mere 1.5 mile trail which wouldn’t have been much except for the 460 foot elevation gain in rarified air. It made our walking lifestyle back in downtown St Petersburg seem downright sedentary! We finished the day with a fine dinner of elk and bison.




  1. Sharon

    I have been enjoying your adventures and journey with you and appreciate the beautiful pictures and comments.  Thank you.
    You do a fantastic job.  I may have to come to N.C. from Clayton to learn how to do it, that is as soon as we can afford to get a MAC.

  2. Brende

    Incredible photos!  Especially the one of you two sitting together with this  magnificent backdrop.  Thanks for sharing your journey of a lifetime!  Blessings & Love,  Brende


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