By sunrise we were the first in line waiting for the service department to open at City Motors Chevrolet in Great Falls. We’ve logged about 4,700 miles so far so figured routine service might be in order also wanted the A/C repaired. While we waited we had breakfast at the casino and restaurant across the street. Just breakfast – no gambling. They don’t have the part for the A/C but the dealer in Spokane is ordering it for us for sometime next week! Enjoyed a nap back at the cabin, a lunch at The Breaks Grill, an afternoon visit to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, and a beer back at the campground.




  1. Michele Devereaux

    Hi, guys!  Just now getting to read about your trip.  Wow, you’ve enjoyed some breath-taking sunsets and moon views!  That Lewis & Clark exhibit really make you appreciate your modern vehicles, broken A/C and all, doesn’t it!  I’m so jealous of the life you two are sharing with each other, but thanks for sharing it with us so we can live it vicariously!

  2. Steve & Karen

    The docent told us that each of the men ate four to seven pounds of bison meat per day.  We’d need that kind of caloric intake to be able to portage those boats!  How does that compare to the current cost of gasoline?


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