We returned to the Lewis & Clark Center in Great Falls this morning. Enjoyed the talk on the kinds of boats they used and tried pulling a keelboat ourselves. Saw some of the five sets of falls that they portaged around then more or less followed the Missouri to Three Forks and then the Yellowstone River to just outside the national park. We stopped at Bozeman at the Museum of the Rockies. Didn’t have time to see the whole museum but we were absolutely wowed by the dinosaurs. Have you ever seen a complete real (not a cast) T-Rex skeleton? The drive into Gardiner, just north of Mammoth Hot Springs was into some nasty dark clouds and rain. Hoping for at least some decent weather in the next couple of days.




  1. Kirk

    Looks chilly out there and wet too but that’s OK when you’re out for fun.
    Was that snow I saw on the rail behind you? I wish I was there to stuff some down the back of your shirt! That would make my day, HA HA!
    Truely, you both look quite happy, a Western turn to your smiles. Does that mean you’ve made it to the high country? I hope so, it’s nice up there.
    And what a time to be up and about! All the children locked away. out of the way, along with their mewling parents.
    ONWARD! Say “HI” to Yogie for me.                Love ya, Kirk

  2. Pete and Kathy

    Your trip sounds MARVELOUS, bad weather or not! Just to be able to take that trip of a lifetime together in retirement…………..WOW. Ideal! Absolutely……………ideal. Keep those blogs coming……..we LOVE reading them. Love you both……………..oh, you have an open invitation if you’re ever in the DC area to come on by and stay here. Hill  B&B open for friends!   🙂   God bless you both in your health and safe travels……Pete and Kathy

  3. Karen and Steve

    Kirk, fortunately we have not yet encountered snow.  So you can’t stuff it down our shirts yet.  Pete & Kathy, we’ll show up on your doorstep one of these days, and you will have to grace us with your presence in NC at some point.  Moosecruisers in general, did you take note of our choice of beer?

  4. Gary

    I always wondered where the dinosaurs were.


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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

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