Started the day with Mass at St William in Gardiner, Montana, then drove through the Roosevelt Gate at the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We were greeted almost immediately with two herd of elk near the Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge. At one point the two males were bugling at each other and we realized that we were in between them – not a good place to be.  We did escape without incident to enjoy a day of learning more about the history of the national park system, marveling at the geothermal features of the park, and admiring the wildlife – from a distance!  At the end of the day we found lodging, good food, and new friends in West Yellowstone, Montana.  Tomorrow we will go back into the park and see more of this wonderful place.




  1. mark

    very cool , thanks for sharing the trip.
    mark .

  2. Mad St. Pete Jen

    Hi guys!  This is the first chance I’ve had to check out your blog, and it is amazing!  I can’t believe all these wonderful photos are taken by you — they’re like something out of National Geopgraphic!  So much fun to share your adventures this way — you are both very missed in the Sunshine State!  Paula and I haven’t gone swing dancing yet but are making plans to go soon — much love & hugs to you both!

  3. Brende Starchild

    LOL!  I am loving this journey! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful, photo-filled adventures.  Look forward to seeing you soon.  Happy Trails!


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