Today we headed south on US 385 to Hot Springs, South Dakota. There in 1974 mammoth fossils were discovered and now it is an active paleontological dig under roof. It’s the only mammoth site in the US with the fossils in situ (left where they were found). We’d heard about this site before and had always wanted to see it in person. On the way back north, inside Wind Cave National Park we encountered a herd of Bison and watched them amble across the road in front of our car. At the Visitor’s Center we signed up for a walking tour of the cave and saw rare box formations (no caving tours this time). On the way back to camp on this rainy evening we fortified ourselves with bumbleberry and strawberry rhubarb pie ala mode. Next time you are in Custer, SD, you need to stop at the Purple Pie Place!



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  1. Dave

    Looks like a fantastic place to visit with a helmet, rope and three independent light sources!


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