The weather wasn’t conducive to a day of touring Olympic National Park. It was overcast, misty, rainy. Nonetheless we drove up to the Hurricane Ridge Lookout. Mt Olympus peeked out of the clouds but not for long enough to get a picture. We drove through some incredible forest and long a huge, deep glacial lake. We visited the Makah Indian Nation Museum,then we drove to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery. We hiked a trail on the Makah reservation to the most northwestern point of the lower 48. This adds to our list of “mosts” since we have been to Key West and the southernmost pointof the lower 48 and to Cadillac Mountain in Maine, the first place in the US to see the sun rise each day. 




  1. Andrea:-)

    It’s amazing how a place can look so gloomy and so pretty all at once:-)  Glad you guys are having a good time!

  2. Don Stillwagon

    Hello travelers!  I remember trying to take pictures in rather gloomy conditions, but it is still beautiful.  We would sure like some of the rain down here!

    On your way back, if you are going by Portland, Rosie and I would recommend planning a stop at Bob’s Red Mill in the Portland suburb of Milwaukee.  You may be familiar with their organic and stone ground mixes and flours – they have a really neat mill/store with a lot of character and it is neat and clean.  Plan on arriving for breakfast or lunch and you will not be sorry – they have a great deli and cafeteria.  You can easily take an hour or two to wander around.  Have fun!

  3. Tom and Kathy

    Wow, such beautiful photos!  And the Shiner beer looked tasty too!
    Hard to realize itr is already snowing in the U.S.
    Loved the pics of Rainier and Glacier Point.
    Weather in Dayton is crystal clear, hi of 65…perfect Fall day.  Can’t wait to hear from you as you head to the Southwest>
    Tom and Kathy

  4. Susan

    Miss you!  This is my first time to blog (I think) and it isn’t complicated like I thought.  OH, isn’t it wonderful to bundle up and feel the sting of that cold wind against your face???  Makes me think of Eire.  Loads of love and miss you both!!  Wearing those fossils often. Susan
    Uh oh!  I just read below and don’t know what to put in the blanks!  Let me know if this goes through.

  5. Oscar

    I love the Pacific Ocean and like most places in Peru, the continent start 90 degrees up.  I hope you have plenty of warm clothes and a thermos with plenty of hot coffee or tea.
    Be careful coming back and bring all those pictures to the cruise.  I would love to see them in warm weather.  
    Take care travelers!!!
    Oscar Revilla
    Punta Gorda, FL

  6. Gary

    Wow!  I am impressed by the scenery.


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