Seattle is big, busy, exciting, overwhelming. We weren’t prepared for it. Besides it was raining – the first day of “winter”. We took the opportunity to visit the Tahoma National Cemetery and the final resting place of Gilbert, a swing dance friend who served in the Persian Gulf and was killed in Iraq in 2003. Then we made our way to the Historic Ships Wharf and spent a wonderful hour touring a 1909 houseboat furnished in the Edwardian style. At the suggestion of the host we lunched at Ivar’s Salmon House then headed out of town. The traffic was horrendous but we finally escaped from I-5 and onto US 101 and found shelter from the rain in Shelton, WA.    




  1. Dave

    Looks like fantastic conditions for a polarizing filter on the camera.
    The fish and chips look fantastic!
    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 – 11:32 AM

  2. Gary

    I spent a lot of time in Seattle at the Silver Cloud Inn just off of lake union.  I used to enjoy watching the seaplanes taking off and landing on the lake.  Some day I will get back there and enjoy it.

  3. Jamie

    Hey Steve and Karen!
    I’m glad you are having such a great time! We would love to see a close up of Gil’s headstone if you have one!


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