Said good bye to the Pacific Ocean this morning then began driving east through California’s green and gold hills. Saw all sorts of agriculture: lots of vineyards, cattle operations, cotton fields, lemon groves, peaches, walnuts, and lots of things we could not identify. Arrived at Grand Sequoia National Park in the early afternoon. Visited the General Sherman, the world’s largest tree and walked through the Giants Grove to see The President, The Senate, and The House, all huge sequoia trees. Also saw a red headed woodpecker and a mama bear and her two cubs. It’s gonna be cold tonight so we opted for a room in the lodge inside the park.




  1. Debi Ford

    Did you drive through the one tree with the tunnel carved into the bottom? That was such a source of whimsy for me when I did it! Thanks for all the great photos–reminded me of my trip out there from 1980!

  2. Dave

    It never ceases to amaze me how such a huge tree can come from such a small seed.

  3. Andrea:-)

    Karen, you really are too adorable! I’m glad you guys are having so much fun – I can’t wait to see what pictures you put up next!

  4. mark

    i like the bear.
    that is the biggest tree .

  5. Tom & Kathy

    Nice to get your blog
    What great adventures you are having! The Big Sur and Redwood photos are beautiful!
    Glad you are having a wonderful journey!
    Fall was bland in Ohio due to the ‘mighty wind’ we had Sept 13 weekend. 70 mph sustained winds lasting 4 hours that were Ike remanants as it moved up the Ohio valley. As a result the leaves were ‘shocked’ and we’ve had almost zero rainfall so…brown or dull yellow leaves this year. Sad.
    We travelled to Lansing to visit Mary Beth for her bd last weekend and as we drove over the state line the colors were beautiful, alas, some Fall color to enjoy! MB is fine, job hunting in Indy where fiance Chris got a full time position at the Indianapolis public library. In the current economic climate we are thrilled for him. They will cover 50% of his costs at IUPUI to get his MLS, so hopefully he’s on his way in the field he enjoys!
    Now MB needs to find a job.
    Take care

  6. Mike & Mary M.

    Ditto on the how cute you are comment. Ditto on the amazing how big a tree can get from a little seed. Ditto on glad you guys are having fun. Ditto on can’t wait to see your pictures in the next blog. Mike & Mary M.


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