Piedras Blanca & Hearst Castle

2008 West--35th Anniversary, California, Road Trip, States

Spent the morning touring the Piedras Blanca (White Rock) Light Station. Established in the 19th Century, the lighthouse and foghorn aided navigation in the San Simeon area for many years. Today the area is used primarily for studies of native plants and animals. Later in the day we toured the Hearst Castle on the top of the hill looking down on San Simeon Bay. It was filled with an incredible collection of ancient art works and sounded like it would have been a fun place to have been a guest in the early 20th Century. After such a busy day we decided to spend a second night in the area but opted for a simple dinner and beer in our room.




  1. Debi Ford

    Did you notice the very humble condiments on the grand dining room table?  Always thought that was ironic in the midst of such opulence!  Haven’t been there in years but loved it, especially Big Sur area.  I stayed at the Big Sur Lodge which was just magical.  And yes, the road is twisty and worth every “extra” photo along the way.

  2. Dave

    Did you put together jigsaw puzzles while lounging on the dining room floor of the Hearst estate?
    Thursday, October 23, 2008 – 03:14 PM


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