Started the day by heading with Lou down to San Jose. We stopped along the way at a Home Depot to get some bricks for a project for Lou and a lunch of hot dogs. At The Tech Museum of Innovation we started our tour of the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit when they had to evacuate the gallery for an hour or so, due to a lighting fire. We checked out some of the permanent exhibits then went to the IMAX theater for the showing of Sea Monsters. Finally we got back into the Leonardo exhibit. It was about the engineering of the era as well as about his work and art. It was more than we could possibly absorb in one visit. Then we had a bite to eat at a bakery nearby before we drove back to Palo Alto and relaxed in a hot tub at The Watercouse.




  1. CJ

    I see Dad was learning about the engineering of the Duomo.  Fantastic!  The story behind how the Duomo was engineered and the man behind the marvel is what made me decide to major in art history.

  2. Mary Lou

    I really enjoyed your visit! Thank you so much for stopping off and staying with me.
    Love, Mary Lou


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