Watching the Weather

2008 West--35th Anniversary, Road Trip

We enjoyed the shelter of Bill’s house while we watched the weather. We saw snow flurries and felt gale force winds. Our of the big picture window we saw tumbleweeds chasing one another across the landscape. Sometimes it was sunny but cold but mostly dark overcast until late afternoon. The next few days promise to be chilly but sunny days.




  1. Andrea:-)

    That is a scary but awe-inspiring picture! It’s amazing what mother nature does!

  2. Gary

    In Denver a few years back I went to the front range. From there I saw a front move over the city. I drove out of Denver in cool bright sunshine. As I drove back, I drove through rain and then snow. When the snow quit is rained for a short period which froze into ice as the sun went down in a dark sky. Leaving my hotel room that evening, the world had been painted white. Walking to the bus the next day the sky was clear and the trees and buildings had been covered with ice. It was a beautiful sight and it made me understand how inconsequential we are in the great scheme of things. You’re experience reminds me of this time from my past almost forgotten.

  3. Dave

    That photo reminds me of hiking out at Philmont and watching rain clouds move in the distance.


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