The Silver Shadow

Back in ’73 on our Honeymoon, we began discussing what kind of camper we would want for travel in Retirement. We made our cross country trip this past Fall with our tent tucked into the back of our Impala just as we had in ’73, but planned to upgrade our camping shelter sometime this year. We’ve talked about the feasibility of a motorhome or a fifth-wheel but wanted to keep things simpler. Most recently we’ve talked about a pick-up truck and a slide-in camper. Then on Saturday evening, on our way to dinner with Dave, Rhonda, and Riley we drove past Little Guy Worldwide and were enchanted with their teardrop trailers. To make a long story short, we are now proud owners of a 5 Wide Silver Shadow crafted by Joe Mullet, an Amish minister. We had a delightful experience with Joe Kikos and all the fine folk at Little Guy in Canton, Ohio. We expect to post many more pictures of the Silver Shadow as we take it on adventures near and far.

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