South of Nashville, in the community of Columbia, Tennessee is the James K Polk Home and Museum. The only surviving residence of the 11th President of the United States, it was his parents’ home, where he spent his young adult years and much of his adulthood. It was slated to be his home in the years following his one-term presidency but illness claimed his life just three months after he left The White House. We toured the house and museum today and earned so much about James K Polk, Manifest Destiny, and the Mexican War. We also learned about his remarkable wife Sarah Childress Polk who continued to live here as his widow for another forty-two years following is death, always dressed in black.

Note: These photos were taken at the time of our visit in 2010, at a time when due to technical problems we were not blogging. This post was uploaded in 2021 after visiting President Polk’s birthplace.




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