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IMG_5458We’re looking at the world through the windshield of the car yet again. Today’s docket included errands to run all over WNC. Things to do and people to see in multiple locations in the region. Mail to collect, vehicle to get inspected, license tag to renew, hair to have cut, bills to pay, prescriptions to refill, eyeglasses to collect. Lots of stuff to get done preparatory to tomorrow’s departure to collect the new camper. Then back to the house and dinner with Peg and Lou and an iChat conversation with Greg. Then at 8:30PM things changed. We got an email informing us that our camper would not be ready until Thursday. That gives us two more days at home and with Lou and Peg but takes two days off our grand cross country adventure!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

In October we decided to make Medina our new hometown and have been embracing its charms while setting into our new apartment