New England Byways

2013 New England, New York, Road Trip, States

We enjoyed Greg’s company this morning before it was time for him to head to the office. Rachel’s new schedule has her at home working on other projects on Mondays so we had time for some interesting discussions with her as we organized ourselves for departure. Part of the logistics was choosing the right time to back the trailer out of the drive as pattern of parked cars on Redwood shifted. As near neighbors left for work their spaces were being taken by commuters who park on Redwood then walk to the T station nearby. We left town by heading south on Dorchester Avenue then heading essentially west avoiding all opportunities to travel on the interstate or the freeway. It’s an exercise in intense navigation but worth the effort. Traveling the byways through New England towns takes more time but is much more interesting and makes for better gas mileage when we are hauling the trailer. West and south through Massachusetts and a corner of Connecticut. Then on into upstate New York. We crossed the Hudson and found a Jellystone campground, Lazy River, near Poughkeepsie NY just before dark.



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  1. Mark Lenz

    Where are you guys now in your travels?


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