One of the things we have learned this trip is limits of the T@B refrigerator. If we are off grid for only one night we are fine as long as we turn it off overnight. We’re also good running the fridge when using the solar panels for several hours a day and turning off at night. But for multiple days in shady spots it’s just easier to revert to an ice chest. So today we discovered that the market in Myers Flats carries block ice! We haven’t been able to get ice in blocks for decades! We loaded that and all our perishables into our collapsible Kelty cooler. We should be good to go.





  1. Art & Lynn

    Since you are headed north, try to see the Columbia River Gorge. Such beauty and the historical information is so interesting. We drove the gorge and then followed the Oregon Trail. It may be out of your planned road trip but we’ll worth it. Please continue to have a safe journey.

  2. Steve & Karen

    Lynn & Art, you are so right about the Columbia River Gorge, when we were there we promised ourselves we’d return, but on this trip we wanted to linger in the Redwoods and on the Oregon Coast. We plan to come back and tour and hike in the gorge on another trip soon!


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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

It was a fabulous opportunity to not only view the 2024 Solar Eclipse from within the path of totality but also to enjoy a five day weekend with friends from the T@B trailer community at Ohio’s East Harbor State Park on the shore of Lake Erie.