Rolling Home

Road Trip

The concept of this Tearstock gathering is a homecoming event. The Little Guy trailers get to gather near the Pleasant Valley Trailers factory where they were built and we owners get to tour the factory. Our first visit to Sugarcreek was in 2009 to see the Silver Shadow trailer in Joe Mullet’s three car garage that would become our first Little Guy teardrop trailer. We’ve since been back a number of times. It was fun to take the factory tour today with other owners, to see some of the new innovations they are using in the new trailers, to get a glimpse in the distance of the new factory that is under construction, and to hear Joe talk about plans for the new facility and beyond. One of the new innovations was a keyed latch for the propane and battery cover and we were able to purchase one for our T@B and installed it when we got back to the campsite.




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

In October we decided to make Medina our new hometown and have been embracing its charms while setting into our new apartment