This visit has been an amazing succession of adventures. CJ and Phil have been excitedly exploring Bloomington first on visits here to see friends and more intensely since they moved here in August and have been anxious to share their finds as well as explore new spots with us. Today they took us to Upland Brewing for lunch and some microbrew. As we walked in we had a strong sense of biergarten, indoor and outdoor seating options, excellent food, excellent beer, and happy patrons.

 It’s Sunday in football season so the program for these two is tune in and watch their home teams, Buccaneers for CJ and Saints for Phil.

 We took the opportunity to do laundry and to savor a bit of Phil’s Chili before giving them hugs and promising more visits. It’s been good to spend time with these two!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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