Today began with taking care of mundane things.we took Eric to Bloomington Ford for an oil change and transmission maintenance but then we learned we needed new brakes too! And we got to sort through more than a month’s worth of mail that we had Eagle forward from Sylva to us at CJ’s. A few phone calls and a couple of online transactions later we were done with personal business.

 On to fun things. We went out and about afoot with CJ. Lunch at Feast just a couple of blocks from their house. Some amazing foods out of their display case finished off with a shared dessert. According to our personal rules we had to order the Tiramisu but we can in fact now order a different dessert next time.

We were back at the house enjoying quiet time together when Phil arrived home and we stepped out again for Bloomington’s First Friday Gallery Walk. After a couple of gallery visits we began our progressive dinner at Lotus Garden, then on to Serendipity Martini Bar for cocktails and a visit with CJ and Phil’s friend and bartender Dave. We finished the Downtown Bloomington Crawl with desserts and coffee at Blu Boy. A fun way to do lots of visiting with these two!

Back at McCormick’s Creek we found the previously almost empty campground filled to capacity!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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