It rained all night and was drizzling and chilly in the morning. We quickly prepared sausage and eggs for breakfast in the T@B kitchen then headed south to Bloomington and soon after were wandering a delightful farmers market.

Midway in size between St Petersburg’s Saturday Morning Market and Jackson County’s Tailgate Market, this gathering features an amazing array of local agricultural offerings. We chose local eggs, some winter squash, and Asian pears. Then we found the Muddy Fork Bakery booth! Fabulous fresh croissants!

Then on to the antique mall, lunch at Darn Good Soup, a visit to the yarn shop, a couple of bookstores, ice cream at Hartzell’s, a wander around the IU campus with the roar of the OSU-IU game in the background.

IU has a history that goes back to the early 1800’s and beautiful buildings that harken back to the late Nineteenth Century.

We finished off the walkabout with a visit to Function to sample their locally crafted beers as well as some cheeses and charcuterie before heading to the house

so Phil and CJ could put together a pot of chili for tomorrow. We encountered some of the football game traffic on the way back and discovered that some of the fans were staying at McCormick in the inn here in the state park!




  1. Brian

    FitBits panting?

  2. Steve & Karen

    Our friend Pete sent us this message in an email:
    “If you want to see where I spent the second year of grad school, it’s at the northeast corner of S. Lincoln and east 3rd Street – second floor, far left apartment. We used to drink beer on the balcony, then throw the bottles across the street onto the roof of what was then a dry cleaners. When not living there, I usually “lived” at Nick’s on East Kirkwood – – it’s still there, and probably always will be! Take a photo if you can.

    The first floor below the apartment was a liquor store back in the day – – we used to pride ourselves on making a beer/snack run during a 30 second commercial – only worked if we had exact change, but we could usually do it!”

    Since we’ve moved on, we’ll have to wait until the next visit before we can seek out these sites and take photos, but it will be fun to peek into Pete’s past!


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