When Dave and the girls called Wednesday night with Anniversary best wishes, they asked if we’d gotten our Steak and Eggs. It’s our traditional September 1st breakfast. But there’s only one restaurant at Kalaloch Beach, at the lodge, and they don’t have Steak and Eggs on the breakfast menu. So we chose to delay our annual tradition by a day and stop in Forks WA on the way to Port Angeles. We got a later start than we’d planned due to a misplaced set of keys. It took us an hour to find them in Karen’s jeans pocket! So by the time we arrived at The In Place they’d switched to their lunch menu. When we explained that we were celebrating our 43rd Wedding Anniversary and were hoping for Steak and Eggs, our server offered to check with the kitchen. Not only did they prepare us an excellent rendition of what their menu calls The Ultimate, but several staff members came by to wish us Happy Anniversary, including one of the owners. Next time you travel through Forks, stop at The In Place for excellent food and great service.




  1. Debi Ford

    Glad that the staff could make your tradition happen! Again, Happy 43!!!!!

  2. Michael Mancuso


    OK, to my fellow blog readers who enjoy the travels and adventures of this great couple, I’ve set up a “Go FIND Me” page so we can all chip in and get them a multipack of TILE Bluetooth location devices.

    Steve and Karen, Jeff and I just had a misplaced set of keys last weekend while out with the T@B. It’s nice when it ends up working out over a delicious meal!

    Michael & Jeff


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