Awaiting the Word

2016 Out West, Road Trip

Our task for today is to enjoy our surroundings as we wait to learn when we can bring Eric in for his new device. It’s been a pleasant morning. Some sun, some clouds, moderate temperatures, a good amount of shade as long as we are willing to move our chairs every so often. A chance to get caught up on the blog, to read books on our phone, to watch neighbors pack up their big rigs and move on. Then about 2:30PM we called and learned that the part is in. We have a 1PM appointment tomorrow. Then we walked to the campground office to make plans to leave the T@B while we go into town tomorrow. Now we’re holed up inside the T@B listening to Jimmy Buffett, noshing on peanut butter and dried pineapple on pretzel crackers, and letting the thunder, lightning, and rain do its thing outside. We’re good here!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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