Coming Back Around

2016 Out West, Road Trip

Paynetown SRA near Bloomington was our second stop as we headed out for our 2016 Summer Ramble. In June we had reserved Site 22. This time, nearly four months later,  we’re assigned to Site 54. In the meantime it’s been a great circle across the northern tier, down the Pacific Coast, through the southwest, back across the Mississippi, and back into Indiana again. Full circle. We have plans to meet CJ and Phil downtown for dinner tonight and like we did on our trip here last fall, we plan to have the truck serviced at Bloomington Ford and get new shoes at J.L. Waters tomorrow. Earlier today we were discussing our plans for the upcoming weekend and early next week and suddenly it hit us that we will be traveling for only about another ten days. Neither one of us is truly ready for the end of this glorious adventure. However…we do have more plans in the offing!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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