Ford, Midas, Graeters

2016 Out West, Road Trip

Well, today didn’t go exactly according to plan. That check engine light on Eric’s dashboard turns out to indicate a catalytic converter going bad. Bloomington Ford suggested we drive back to North Carolina for repair since they wouldn’t be able to get the part until next week. After some consternation, consideration of other options, and a phone call to Diedra at our favorite Ford service center, we called the local Midas shop. The short version of the story is that the part is on order and should arrive tomorrow afternoon. They should be able to install it tomorrow or Thursday and for a price that although still quite expensive, is fifty percent less than that quoted by the Ford dealer! That called for a trip to the local Kroger for provisions and some Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip before returning to Paynetown and extending our stay one more night. Hopefully we’ll not need to stay longer because Halloween festivities are happening here this weekend!




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