Almost Perfect

Road Trip

There is little more we could ask for in a campsite in mid-December and for only a five dollar bill per night! The weather suits our clothes. We slept under light blankets last night and we’re wearing shorts this afternoon. Campground amenities include drinking water, trash disposal, vault comfort station, and a campground host. Our neighbors are within hollering distance but not within line of sight and we have good cell signal. There’s shade and sunshine. However our fixed solar panel is pointed north and the sunshine as we approach winter solstice is from the south. Our power usage is greater than our solar gain today. Later today we’ll crank up the generator and bring the battery up to full. Tomorrow we’ll augment the fixed solar panel with our portable one and see if we can collect enough amps to last another 24 hours. 




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

In October we decided to make Medina our new hometown and have been embracing its charms while setting into our new apartment