Breakfast at Table

Road Trip

It’s a chilly morning in Ohio, below freezing when we first got up. It’s one of those days when, while traveling with Gigi, we’d comment on how nice it could be to have an indoor kitchen. We’d prepare our breakfast in the clamshell kitchen then retreat indoors to sit on the bed to eat, often not bothering to retreive the folding table from under the bed. This morning we made our hot beverages and lounged up front with the dinette in bed position and the seat back cushions in place. Then after a flurry of getting the rest of the gear stowed, we prepared breakfast. (Only set off the smoke detector four times before realizing the need to have the exhaust fan on.) it took less than a minute to convert the lounge into a dinette. Now we’re enjoying breakfast at the table! And that’s after a good sleep on a bed that’s truly long enough and wide enough and cushioned with the amazing FROLI (a box springs designed for RVs) system!



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  1. Lynne

    Tre’ Gigi looks pretty. Compfy and not have to go outside on chilly mornings are great things. Congrats on being beta testers


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