Familiar Place, Different Approach

Road Trip

Today we headed to Wytheville yet again. After five nights on the road it’s time for one night in a full service campground. We’re ready for a propane tank refill (it was only a quarter full when we left and we used it for heat on some cold nights), for a laundry night, for full hookups to finish the de-winterizing process. On top of that the Wytheville KOA offers pizza delivery, and that sounds great. Although we’ve stayed here a number of times, we have always approached the campground from the interstate but today we traveled north on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Laurel Springs NC and ultimately approached Wytheville from the south on US 21. It’s the first time we’ve traveled through the town on the way to the campground!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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