Another T@B 400 Mod

2018 Northeast, Family, Road Trip

It’s what we do. More specifically, it’s what Steve does. The self described “back sliding engineer” is constantly assessing our T@B 400’s design looking for ways to improve its usability. This latest change eliminates the need to totally disassemble to dinette in order to remove the air conditioner filter for cleaning. Now all we have to do is lift a cushion, open a small hinged door, and reach in to slide out the filter. So easy. But he didn’t design it just for us but rather worked with nüCamp R&D and had it installed at the factory today in the hopes that other 400 owners might benefit.



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  1. Susan Eiswerth

    Wow! Fantastic idea!
    We wonder if a similar mod would help us manage our Cool Cat unit inside our ole reli@ble DM Built but Kept Alive Thanks to NuCamp T@B.
    Maybe you can come up with a “slide out/in floor replacement design ASAP?!
    Likely gonna be be next in ours.


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