Dominos, VR and Coco


Ah! Summer Vacation! Today we were blessed with a few hours to just hang out with our granddaughters, to play Dominoes, a card game or two, and to experience a bit of virtual reality. When their Dad sent word he was on his way home from work Riley guided us through the process of ordering pizza delivery online. So we did Pizza and a Movie on Monday! (It’s an every other Friday event for them usually.) And in a twist, when we settled in to watch a recent release on Netflix, it was one that we’d seen and enjoyed several times but Coco was new to our son and granddaughters! It’s always a joy to share traditions with them and to tell stories that connect our girls with their history as well as learn new skills that connect us to their future!



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  1. Susan Eiswerth

    This is so heartwarming to read! Rich and I have a brand-spankin’ new grand-daughter making out total count of grandkids TWO! Although they are both under a year old, we can’t wait for the day that we T@B across country to share games and stories (we being in Ohio – they being in California…)
    You’re blazing the virtual trail for us and it is so fun to see!
    Happy Tr@ils and we hope to see you in a few weeks at the NuCamp rally!

    Miles of Smiles to you both!
    Susan & Rich


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