Coffee at Mosaic

Road Trip

There’s a lesson in there somewhere. On Saturday we called CityMac at Biltmore Park to make an appointment for service on Karen’s iPhone. And then proceeded to write down the appointment time in two different places, in one for 10AM and in the other for 12PM. Since the store doesn’t open until 10AM on Monday we had no opportunity to call to confirm the appointment time. So we arrived at 10AM only to discover that the appointment was indeed for noon! The nice thing is that CityMac is located in Biltmore Park Town Square, a delightfully walkable shopping area not far from downtown Asheville, NC. We took time to linger over coffee at an outdoor table at Mosaic Café before wandering through REI and finding lots of little things to improve a minimalist lifestyle. Of course we had to venture into O. P. Taylor’s, billed as the coolest toy store on the planet before returning to CityMac to reclaim a phone and replace a screen protector and a couple of charging cords. In the end we discovered much more about Biltmore Park and realized that there is so much more to discover. It’s the kind of place we’d love to find on a road trip. The snafu definitely had some blessing in it!




  1. Debi Ford

    I’m chuckling at the reference to “finding ‘lots’ of little things” and “minimalist lifestyle”. Glad you found things to make life on the road comfier!

  2. Sherri

    Wish I’d known you were so close – I work just down the road – we could have had lunch!!!


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