Field Trip to Kidron

2018 Northeast, Ohio, Road Trip

Six of us piled into a Highlander for a trip to Lehman’s, originally founded in 1955 to stock non-electric equipment and supplies in demand in the middle of Ohio’s Amish community. These days the Lehman’s store here in Kidron is patronized not only by local Amish and Mennonite residents but by visitors from all over and the business has other locations as well as an online presence. We stopped to take a selfie which reminded the two of us of a trip here two years ago with friends Larry and Verna then headed in to wander though the store which is a collection of vintage buildings moved to the site and nestled together to create a warren of departments from hardware and appliances to soapmaking, kerosene lighting, canning, and toys. There’s a little museum currently with a collection of amazing wood carvings and antiques scattered throughout the store. It was a first trip here for Greg & Deb and for Paula & Brian so we suggested we all wander at our own pace then rendezvous back at the lunch counter. Once we’d all chosen a few items to purchase we proceeded across the street for a bit of ice cream then took a different winding backroads route to through the farmlands of Holmes and Tuscawaras Counties to Winklepleck and ÜCamp to get ready for this evening’s factory tours.




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