Meeting Mandy Lea

2018 Northeast, Road Trip

A few years ago Mandy Lea made a decision to live a more deliberate life. She purchased a T@G travel trailer and made plans to trade her workaday job for free lance photography and a life on the road. There’s a cool back story as to how she came to the attention of many of us in the teardrop trailer community but we’ll save that for another day. Suffice to say that we met her two years ago and have been following her video blog since. Then in June we met Fred & Barb who were camping in a T@G trailer at Outflow Campground in Confluence Pennsylvania. Fred mentioned that he’d seen video of a woman who lived in a T@G. He was amazed to learn that not only had we heard of Mandy Lea but that we knew her! At today’s Swap Meet we were able to not only introduce them to one another but to get a photo of all of us and Allison, our intrepid organizer as well. Did we mention that the theme of this year’s üCamp is “We Are Family”? It is so true! And there was a treat for us, we got to meet Jean of Doty Hill Designs. The’s the talented woman who crafted the visor for our T@B 400!




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