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With only a two hour drive to our next destination we’ve plenty of time for a detour and a couple of stops along the way. It’s not such a long way to Tipperary and Dunmanway, along the route seemed a promising place to find some postal stamps and some nourishment. We used the car park at the square then got directions from Ann in the hardware store. Patti stood in the queue at the postal window at the Eurospar while the rest of us wandered the grocery aisles. With all of our postcards stamped and deposited into the iconic green post box in the center of the square, we spotted Mirabelle’s where Des O’Meara and crew who served us coffee while we perused The Irish Times and they prepared our Full Irish Breakfast! Yum! We’re fortified and ready for whatever comes next!




  1. Bill

    I am thoroughly enjoying your posts. It was obviously a beautiful trip and I know you will have stories to tell for a long time. I want to hear them.

    • Steve & Karen

      I suspect you will be subjected to tales of our trip at family gatherings for years to come. Meanwhile you are certainly stacking up some wonderful tales from your stay in Germany.


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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

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