An Evening by the River

2018 West, Idaho, Road Trip

At day’s end we’re at Mountain View Campground Site #5 on bank of the Salmon River just east of Lowman, Idaho. It’s a serene end to a day that had its frustrating moments. After lunch we continued our drive north through the Sun Valley area and on through absolutely gorgeous country stopping sometimes for photos and historical markers but always thinking of making time to our destination. The Sawtooth Mountains are an incredibly breathtaking landscape. When we arrived at Redfish at about 3PM, only two of the six campgrounds had any vacancy. There was vacancy at the first one we came to and we drove past the first empty site we saw then looped back around but the camper behind us nabbed it, the only empty site. At the Redfish Lake Visitor Center we got guidance and headed on north on ID-75 to Stanley for a fuel and grocery stop then on past several empty small campgrounds to this one. We traveled a few more hours than planned but at least we’re closer to Rathdrum and to Spokane. We hoped we might have a data connection here and be able to catch up on the blog but to no avail. Instead we can just sit back and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the running river water! Karen finished reading Frank Delaney‘s Ireland: A Novel. And the two of us walked the campground and agreed that of the fourteen sites here, ours is the best!




  1. Susan & Rich

    Glad you finally landed into a good site after all that driving!
    We are still on the road home to Ohio following mandatory evacuation from our family reunion spot in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Traveling in “vacation mode” is wild and exhausting. Will be good to get home and start thinking of Autumn . Hugs to you both and happy trails! Thanks for the excellent camping spot ideas. You never fail to inspire!

    • Steve & Karen

      Sad to hear Florence interrupted your family reunion but glad you were successful in getting out. We’re watching the reports and hoping our place in western NC will fare well. Love your comments!


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