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2018 West, Idaho, Road Trip

Our choice of Snow Bunny Drive-In Hamburgers for lunch was based solely on its oh so convenient location on the right side of the highway in Hailey, Idaho. We didn’t even bother to check reviews. But now it’s definitely on our personal map! It well deserves to be famous for its hamburgers. The counter service was delightful, the Chicken Filet Sandwich was dressed to perfection and worth a return visit but the Powder Pig Burger was completely over the top without being overly filling. We had room for milkshakes to go, Raspberry and Butterfinger, the best either of us has enjoyed in many a year. Over lunch we made the decision to join a monthly gathering of T@B owners for Saturday morning breakfast in Spokane and sent a message to let them know to expect us. Now we’re on a timetable again!




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At Home in Medina

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