Into Utah

2018 West, Road Trip, Utah

The scenery on the trip from Rock Springs, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah is nothing short of spectacular! We did consider doing a side trip to

Fort Bridger and in fact got off the interstate and drove through Lyman toward the fort not knowing that Fort Bridger is the site of the Mountain Man Rendezvous every Labor Day weekend. Folks were parked along the side of the road and walking toward the fort for a mile to the east and two miles to the west of the entrance of the state historic site. A stop to join in the festivities would have been grand if we had the time. Instead we’ll look at the possibility of planning for it another time. Then we stopped for fuel in Evanston and learned they have a similar event earlier in the summer each year. Finally, we just had to stop at the Utah Welcome Center at Echo Canyon. A geocache lured us up the trail to where a replica covered wagon was perched and the views were astounding!




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