Fall into Winter


The North Carolina mountains are renowned as a lovely location for a summer home especially for folks who hail from subtropical climes. In a contrary fashion, the two of us prefer to return here as winter sets in and to relish the comfort and warmth of our mountain house through the colder months after spending the warmer months exploring many of the places around the country that are gorgeous in the summer. We’ve arrived back just in time to make sure the house, the hot tub, the outdoor shower, the irrigation system, and the pump house are ready for sub freezing temperatures. It got down to 24°F this morning and yet we still have autumn leaves on some of our trees! Time to fall into winter and organize ourselves for our upcoming projects of scanning and organizing family records even as we relish the adventures we’ve just had and begin making plans for adventures ahead!




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

Arctic Circle Ceremony

After a few days of exploration in the realm of the Arctic Circle, we aboard the Jewel of the Seas celebrated with a Blue Nose Ceremony and will receive Arctic Crossing Certificates!