Canal Park, Duluth

2019 West Again, Minnesota, Road Trip, States

Despite the fact that we were way too tired for an adventure and just wanted to hang out inside the T@B, we didn’t want to waste the opportunity to get our first taste of Duluth, Minnesota. We arrived in the rain, parked near the Aerial Lift Bridge, got to see it lift the roadway to let a boat through, walked across the bridge and back again, got ice cream at Grandma’s Boxcar, checked out some of the humongous anchors, then went to the Lake Superior Marine Museum Visitor Center. Of course we geeked out. Fresnel lenses, heavy machinery, interpretation of life onboard ships in the late 19th and early 20th Century. In the gift shop we learned to check the Harbor Lookout website to learn times of the comings and goings of the big ships. We wish we could have had the energy to wait until 10:30PM or later to see the largest freighter on the lakes depart under the Aerial Lift Bridge.




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