You know you are in an incredible place when the photos can’t even begin to tell the story. The Meyer’s Beach Sea Cave Trail is one of those places.  parking at the trailhead was congested with folks heading out in kayaks to explore the sea caves from below. We chatted with a ranger who was directing traffic and learned where to park our truck and trailer, where to pay the fee, and the location of the trailhead. Armed with mosquito repellent, head nets, and walking sticks, we were grateful for an opportunity to hike and experience a taste of the beauty of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on the mainland unit. It’s a moderate two mile hike out to the edge where the views begin, about a third of it is boardwalk through marsh, then quite a bit of up and down with some balance beam style stream crossings. Once we got to the lake view we were so tempted to creep close to the edge for more spectacular views but not willing to take the chance that the rocks would break off dumping us into the lake. This place is incredible. Wow! Yes, we definitely have to make plans to come and linger along the Superior shore and spend time exploring from the perspective of the surface of the lake. Although we chose not to walk the additional 0.8 miles round trip to see The Bowl but hiked back before the storm hit, we judge we’ve met our personal criteria for putting an Apostle Islands sticker on our trailer. And we have memories that will linger long.




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Cobh on Our Own

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