Fort Custer State Park

2019 West Again, Michigan, Road Trip, States

Between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, just east of Galesburg, Michigan, Fort Custer State Park is a great base from which to explore southwestern Michigan. It’s on land that was once a part of Fort Custer which was built during WWI, housed German POWs during WWII, and is still an active training facility today for the Michigan National Guard. We asked but apparently there is no interpretive center for the history of the fort. As a camping place, Site 82 served us well. Though it was on the inside of a campground loop it was nicely wooded and gave us privacy and a view of trees from our stargazer window. Michigan State Parks require a car pass so we got the $33 Annual Non-Resident sticker and scraped last year’s off our windshield before sticking this one on. Now we’re good to go for as many state park visits in Michigan as we want! We opted to walk in mid-week without a reservation to save the $8 reservation fee so we got a semi-modern site, meaning it has a 30A connection, for $25. It was a good home for the night!




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