Kellogg Discovery Center

2019 West Again, Michigan, Road Trip, States

Not long ago we discovered Corn Flake Kings: The Kellogg Brothers on YouTube which piqued an interest in visiting the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Today we learned that the sanitarium building is now a federal government building.

However we did get to tour the Dr. Kellogg Discovery Center It’s a tiny little museum in the Historic Adventist Village but we got a great tour starting with a film then along with a family of four with Ash as our guide, we got to hear about the life and career of John Harvey Kellogg as well as see many of the devices used in the sanitarium/health spa and even try a few for ourselves! The health and fitness equipment used by the rich and famous patrons who flocked here in search of wellness are reminiscent of those we’ve seen at other late 19th/early 20th Century health resorts especially Hot Springs National Park. What’s different here is the emphasis on vegetarianism. We’d love to learn more about the invention, manufacture, and marketing of corn flakes as well as other foods invented by the Kellogg brothers of of Battle Creek, Michigan. We opted to not tour the village and learn more about the founding of the Seventh Day Adventists, an experience geared more for members of the church.




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