Martin House Inspection



Today’s itinerary at üCamp19 allowed for plenty of time to visit other campers and even a little downtime. The nicest part of the open schedule Was that it gave us an opportunity to visit nearby friends for dinner and conversation while watching the sunset. Just eight weeks ago they installed a martin house in their yard and since have been watching as five pairs of purple martins have been building nests inside. This evening they lowered the house on its tall pole and undid the latches so we could all peer inside at the neat little nests lined with fresh green leaves that each of the pairs have been constructing. Our inspection revealed a total of twelve eggs, four babies, and one nesting mother. So hard to believe that those teeny little baby birds may be ready to fly in just one month and migrate to South America this Fall!







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  1. Mary Lou

    LOVE the Purple Martins! The house is amazing. So glad you got to see this. I looked up Purple Martins in my Sibley bird app and they have lovely bird songs but look very different on the west coast. Now I will be watching for them in the bay area.


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