Three Engineers & Jenn


One of the great values of the üCamp gatherings is the opportunity for newbies to learn tips, tricks, and techniques from some of the more seasoned teardrop users. This year we actually got organized. Greg picked a time and place and Allison sent emails to everyone to let them know that there would be a tech talk on Wednesday afternoon under the tent. As it turned out the noise level from the swap meet made it hard for folks to hear so Greg, Steve, Bob, and Jenn moved it outside to the edge of the cornfield and did a show and tell about all sorts of things from hitching and unhitching and the care and feeding of camper batteries, to technical details of solar panels and controllers. It was a big hit. Perhaps it will become an annual event.



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  1. Mike Ogden

    I think it should be an annual event. It could use its own venue away from the noise of the swap meet though. I think more people would attend if they could hear better.


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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

It was a fabulous opportunity to not only view the 2024 Solar Eclipse from within the path of totality but also to enjoy a five day weekend with friends from the T@B trailer community at Ohio’s East Harbor State Park on the shore of Lake Erie.